Joyful Nations Ministries
1101 East Holt Blvd.,P.O. Box 4877
Ontario CA., 91761

(909) 952-6577, (909) 283-2853

Monthly and Weekly Programs

Christian Education                                                     09:00 am

Sunday Worship                                                         10:00 am

Prayer And Bible Study

(Thursday Evenings) @ Rc Family Center                  7:00 pm

Monthly Breakthrough Prayer Meeting (TBS)

Weekly  Night Vigil on Fridays                                    10:00 pm

Monthly Victory Night Vigil                                          10:00 pm

Saturday Spanish Service                                          10:00 am

Free Food Distribution @ Calvin Park  Ontario           10:00 am

(Daily Except Wed & Sundays)


Spiritual Guidance available upon request.

    (909) 952-6577


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Joyful Nations Ministries


This ministry was established on July 21st, 2001 in the Southern California area as a nondenominational Church with the purpose of teaching foundational and Bible-based doctrine of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the furtherance of the gospel globally. We started small and currently own our property on 1101 East Holt Blvd, Ontario, CA 91761, The Lord has been adding to His Church as we keep evangelizing and praying for the Lord of the harvest to send in laborers. Today the Lord has blessed us with gifted men and women who constitute the worship and praise team for our services. We also have Spanish service on Saturday mornings and Food Distribution to Members and neighbors; every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition, we have established a growing Christian Education Hour before the main service on Sundays and a Sunday school service for the children. Occasionally, we have various training sessions including organized leadership training for men and women to prepare them to go as commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matt 28: 19-20(KJV):

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 Monthly Prayer and fasting
on the
 Prayer Line 1st Three Days of the Month
Time: 6-8 pm Prompt

Number: (209) 647-1000
Access Code: 694623



Our Sunday Worship Holds


RC Family Center

9059 San Bernardino Rd
Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730



Phone: (909) 952-6577

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Joyful Nations Ministries( 1101 East Holt Blvd, Ontario California,  91761
(909) 952-6577, (909) 983-2853